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Whole Mushroom Tinctures

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1 fluid ounce (30 mL) triple-extracted mushroom fruiting body plus mycelium tincture

About our tinctures

Every day is an opportunity — to shake off yesterday’s mess, reset, and decide how to move forward. These triple-extracted tinctures put powerful mushrooms right in your hands, helping you address a range of needs. Every day.

Key Features

  • Triple extracted tincture
  • Whole mushroom extract
  • Fruiting bodies plus mycelium
  • USDA certified organic mushrooms
  • Glycerite extraction aid (less than 1% alcohol)
  • Vegan formula
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Lion's Mane

Lion’s Mane is renowned for how it supports increased cognitive function. Science has found that the active compounds in Lion's Mane that light up our brains are found in both the fruiting bodies and mycelium — to not include both would be a lesser product.


Cordyceps are known as the athlete’s mushrooms — and Umbo knows athletes. Cordyceps mushrooms can support your energy goals by enhancing oxygen usage to keep you in peak performance.


Reishi is the world’s most popular mushroom. Jake always says this “queen of mushrooms” is like a warm blanket for your central nervous system, supporting whole-body resilience and acting as a natural shield to anything life throws at us.

Turkey Tail

The majority of the body’s immune cells exist in the digestive tract. Turkey Tail acts as a prebiotic to support gut health, which in turn, supports immunity.

Immunity Blend

Umbo’s blend of eight whole-mushroom extracts provides the combination of fungi mix you need to help support and shield your immune system.

Everyday Performance Bundle

Save 15% when you bundle all 5 tinctures.

"I LOVE these new tinctures."

Rashad Evans shares how he uses Umbo's Whole Mushroom Tinctures.

The Triple Extraction Process

The three steps of the triple extraction process takes approximately 120 days. Here’s how it works:



To break down the tough outer cell walls (a.k.a. chitin), ensuring our bodies will be able to absorb and use the active compounds in the mushrooms


Water Extraction

To free the alpha- and beta-glucans, along with other polysaccharides.


Organic Alcohol Extraction

To draw out other active compounds, including non-polar triterpenoids. Then we remove the alcohol and stabilize the tincture, using organic vegetable glycerine