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Meet the functional mushroom All-Star Team

An introduction to Cordyceps

The Natural Energy Source

Cordyceps functional mushroom for athletes: The Natural Energy Source

Meet Cordyceps

An introduction to Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris), a functional mushroom: Why athletes should consider using Cordyceps, its benefits for performance and recovery, when to take it, and intake guidelines.

Why Cordyceps is your new teammate

They don’t call it the “athlete’s mushroom” for nothing. Cordyceps is a functional mushroom that helps the body take in and use oxygen, fueling energy production on a cellular level. It provides a sustainable energy boost — without the jitters or crashes associated with stimulants. It also supports endurance, reduced inflammation, and quicker recovery. Many people came to know about Cordyceps because of the HBO show The Last of Us, but it was is a complete work of fiction and not at all realistic in its portrayal of Cordyceps biology. Some species of Cordyceps do have a parasitic relationship with insects — but its effects on humans, well documented in science, appear to be wholly beneficial for humans.

Makes us think of… Sha'Carri Richardson

Seems to us that the athletic prowess of the Olympic sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson, with her explosive energy and infectious positivity, metaphorically embodies the essence of the Cordyceps mushroom. Much like Cordyceps, known for its natural boost in energy and endurance, Richardson dazzles on the track with her remarkable bursts of speed. Moreover, her 1,000-watt personality and unyielding spirit seem to amplify her presence, invigorating those around her. Like Cordyceps, Richardson stands out as a symbol of relentless energy and positivity.

Benefits of Cordyceps for Athletes

An Energy Explosion

Imagine a soccer midfielder making a lung-busting run from their half into the opponent’s box, or a running back suddenly bursting through the hole their offensive line created. Those kinds of bursts of energy are where Cordyceps really shines. How? It helps the body’s cells make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy currency of the entire body. More ATP means more fuel for those times athletes need a boost.

Oxygen Efficiency

Cordyceps is able to help make energy through its ability to help the body take in and use oxygen more efficiently. Oxygen, after all, is a fundamental building block of energy. Think of it kind of like upgrading the lungs to a shiny new V8 engine.

When I started using functional mushrooms, Cordyceps was the first one. It was like an immediate impact — for the energy alone!

—”Suga” Rashad Evans


When to take Cordyceps functional mushrooms

Times when athletes can consider using Cordyceps to help with performance:

  • Daily, in the morning: Use Cordyceps as a part of a daily morning routine. Consistency is key, as the cumulative benefits will contribute to improved performance, over time, especially for energy production and oxygen utilization.
  • Pre-workout: Taking Cordyceps about 30-60 minutes before a workout or training session can increase energy levels and improve oxygen use during that workout, which helps athletes train at a higher intensity and/or for a longer period of time.
  • Before competitions: Using Cordyceps in the lead-up to big games or competitions, such as a training camp before a big MMA fight, can help athletes peak at the right time. Its potential to enhance oxygen delivery and energy production can help athletes hit their peak during the event.

How much should I take?

Here are rough intake guidelines for functional mushrooms: Each athlete has different needs, of course. And, there is no official regulatory agency that has determined any sort of recommended daily dosage. Based on our own experience, however, reading all the research and consulting with the professional trainers, nutritionists, and athletes that we know, we have a solid point of view on it. Please use it as an input, and also work with a professional, if you can, to figure out what works best for you.

A meaningful amount

An estimated ~300 mg – 1,000 mg per functional mushroom per day.

How much is enough functional mushrooms? For us, depending on the source of the mushrooms and quality of the extraction and production methods used, a meaningful amount of functional mushrooms is at least 300 mg of one functional mushroom on any given day.

Enough per day

At least 2,000 mg total intake of functional mushrooms daily.

We suggest getting at least 2,000 mg of functional mushrooms daily — in whatever combination of types and formats of mushrooms that makes sense to you. You know your sport, abilities, routines, and goals better than anyone else.

For example, this could mean taking 1,000 mg of two different mushroom tinctures as a part of your daily routine. Or it could mean eating a single bar containing 500 mg of five different mushrooms.

In a regular routine

For best results, use functional mushrooms consistently over time.

While many people feel effects from functional mushrooms right away, the most significant and lasting benefits come with consistent use over time. Regular intake allows the body to accumulate and use the active compounds more effectively, leading to sustained improvements in performance and recovery. Consistent use also helps in reducing inflammation and maintaining the body’s balance.

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