About us

Meet Umbo

Umbo was founded by two former professional athletes, each of whom spent long and successful careers that were filled with fierce combat and other-worldly levels of stress. We believe that functional mushrooms are an untapped and powerful force for good. Our food and supplements were created and tested by our founders (and their close circle of trainers, nutritionists, and other elite pro athletes), to give athletes of all levels an edge on performance and recovery.

Our founders

Umbo co-founder

Jake "The Snake" Plummer

Pro-Bowl NFL Quarterback. Ten years in the NFL, playing for the Arizona Cardinals and the Denver Broncos, earned Jake a reputation as a natural leader, inspiring his teammates to believe in themselves and each other — personal excellence for the sake of the team. Drawn to natural medicine, he is eager to learn how mushrooms can help us individually, and our collective power can make a better world.

Umbo co-founder

"Suga" Rashad Evans

UFC Hall of Fame and Light Heavyweight Champion. Rashad knows about the connection between mind and body, and the importance of having both in sync. He credits mushrooms for that one-two punch of focus + energy in training and competition, and in easing the transition from fighter to “just getting back to being me.” He is passionate about transforming sports nutrition, so others can have the same opportunities he did.

Umbo co-founder

Del Jolly

Advocate and educator. Focused on shifting the cultural narrative, Del worked as part of Decriminalize Denver and Charlotte’s Web CBD before co-founding Unlimited Sciences, a psychedelic research nonprofit partnered with the likes of Johns Hopkins University. He believes functional mushrooms have just as much, if not more, potential than psychedelics and is committed to exploring and unearthing everything we can.

The future is functional mushrooms

The origin story of Umbo, straight from the mouths of the three founders

What is an "umbo" anyway?

The word “umbo” is a geometric term used to describe both the raised center of a mushroom cap and the boss of a shield. Equal parts natural and protective, fortifying you to run at any problem with the strength to succeed and conquer the unknown.

We do it together or not at all

Mushrooms find their strength in community. They grow and flourish thanks to symbiotic relationships with surrounding plants. We fully align with this credo, and hope you’ll join us on our journey to dig deeper, forage new paths, and unearth our full potential.

Umbo pro athletes x functional mushrooms panel at Cervantes in Denver, Colorado, 2023