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Extremely functional mushroom supplements and foods that fuel focus, endurance and sleep.

Open your mind to powerful focus.

A powerful stack of functional mushrooms and Rhodioprime 6X, Bio-NMN to help you operate at your best without a crash.

Deeper sleep for sharper mornings.

Functional mushrooms and L-Theanine for a more restful sleep and better focus when you wake up.

All the functional mushrooms you need in one tasty bar.

Five functional mushrooms meet delicious honey and nuts for on-the-go nutrition.

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Unearth Your Potential™

As elite performers, we’ve learned that the most challenging field of all is the mind. Functional mushrooms helped us find our mental presence. It wasn’t until we balanced our mind with our bodies that we truly came alive on the field and in our daily lives.

— Jake, Del, Rashad

Each purchase supports responsible psychedelic research through Unlimited Sciences.