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Play Pro Hydration Drink (8-pack)

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All-natural energy and focus. The best athletic performance comes when you’re just in it — you just play. This unique combination of electrolyte salts and adaptogens ensures that the only thing you lose on the field is sweat.
About This Product

Play Pro Hydration Drink was created and tested by world-class professional athletes, who know that the best athletic performance comes when you're just in it. This unique formula combines meaningful amounts of electryolte salts (it's salty!) with natural adaptogens in a tasty sparkling strawberry lemonade drink.

Salts gets a bad rep because of all the fast food and junk food we eat. But not all salt is created equal! Here’s how we look at it: It’s not that salts are bad. People need salts — and athletes in particular. Electrolyte salts help maintain hydration, help muscles function and prevent cramping or fatigue, and are essential for nerve signal transmission, helping muscle coordination and reaction times. If you’re an athlete who is pushing your limits, especially in any prolonged or intense training, chances are that you need more of these salts than the typical human.

Adaptogens are natural mushrooms and plants that help the body adapt to stress. They also promote balance and stability in many bodily systems, helping the body maintain equilibrium in the face of physical, chemical, perceived, or biological stressors. This is what great athletic performances taste like. Don't think too hard; don't go too hard. Just play.

Key Features

  • 5,000 mg of a unique combination of electrolyte salts + natural adaptogens
  • Elevates energy and focus naturally, to help you get up for intense training and competitions
  • Meaningful amounts of electrolyte salts help maintain muscle and nerve function, as well as hydration levels
  • Created, tested, and used by world-class professional athletes
  • Non-jittery formula ensures alertness — without crashing
  • Vegan-friendly, containing certified organic and non-GMO mushrooms

Help Us Beta Test This Drink

We've made this drink in collaboration with our circle of professional athletes and think we've hit on something great. Rather than fully launch it into the world, though, we want to see what you think first. How does it work for you, in your life, whenever and wherever you need energy and focus?

We're offering a 10% discount right now for anyone who buys this drink during the beta test period. Those who purchase this drink during the beta test period may receive a request to be interviewed and/or a survey — so we can collect feedback and make improvements to the drink.

Cordyceps Militaris

Known as the athlete's mushroom, Cordyceps is a functional mushroom that helps your body take in and use oxygen, fueling energy production on a cellular level. It provides a sustained energy boost—without the jitters or crashes associated with stimulants. It also supports reduced inflammation and quicker recovery.

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Lion's Mane

Lion's Mane is a functional mushroom that helps sharpen cognitive function. During workouts and competitions, this means boosting strategic thinking and reaction times, and also helping lock in learning and making workout recovery more productive.

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All functional mushrooms contain a load of antioxidants, but Chaga has the highest levels of any superfood. It supports all-around health, but has a special knack for boosting endurance and mid-workout recovery, and helps athletes recover faster between training sessions and competitions. Ours is sustainably grown on birch trees in Alaska.

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Electrolyte Salts

Our salts come from Boulder Salt, a company started by a chemical engineer who wanted the perfect balance of minerals added back to the city water he filtered. We've added the very best sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in the optimal ratios — and, just as importantly, there's a meaningful amount of salts in our drinks!

Additional Adaptogens

In addition to the functional mushrooms, an elite trio of natural adaptogens round out the ingredient list. Ceremonial Japanese Matcha fuels focus and endurance, Black Maca Root enhances recovery, and Tulsi Leaf helps to manage stress and supports respiratory function.

Additional information

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  • All-natural energy and focus
  • Meaningful amounts of electrolyte salts and adaptogens
  • Helps sharpen mental focus and clarity
  • Foundation for improved energy levels
  • Supports endurance and mid-workout recovery

How to Use

Drink one can before or during intense workouts and competitions for elevated energy and focus.

Clean Ingredients

  • Made with clean, professional-grade ingredients
  • No GMOs, herbicides or pesticides
  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners
  • Gluten-free
  • Caffeine-free
  • Vegan