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Meet the functional mushroom All-Star Team

An introduction to Reishi

The Queen of Relaxation

Reishi functional mushroom for athletes: The Queen of Relaxation

Meet Reishi

An introduction to Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), a functional mushroom: Why athletes should consider using Reishi, its benefits for performance and recovery, when to take it, and intake guidelines.

Why Reishi is your new teammate

Talk about being chill and calm when under stress. Reishi, famously called the "queen of mushrooms," is an all-star player for de-stressing the entire nervous system and promoting whole-body relaxation and resilience. This is in addition to its potent ability to combat inflammation and fortify the immune system. The ancient Chinese saw them as able to promote well-being, good fortune, and longevity, and were frequently depicted in art and literature as symbols of these traits. Their relative scarcity made them a prized possession — so much so that they were reserved exclusively for royalty.


Makes us think of… Simone Biles

Simone Biles is the epitome of mental resilience and calm under stress — just like Reishi mushrooms. We particularly admire the proactive and mental-health-positive approach to overcoming the "twisties," a disorienting condition that can be perilous for gymnasts. Her ability to acknowledge and address this challenge head-on mirrors the adaptogenic properties of Reishi, which aid in managing mental and physical stress. Biles' unearthly abilities in gymnastics, her focus under immense pressure, as well as her ability to proactively manage the profound stresses of performing on a global stage, reflects the mushroom's potential.


Benefits of Reishi for Athletes

De-Stress Like a Champ

Picture this: You've just gone ten rounds in the ring, or you’ve just finished playing a huge game. Your body's wired, your mind's racing — it’s hard to just switch off and chill. Enter Reishi, a Zen master for calming those nerves. It helps take your nervous system from a full-throttle sprint to a cool-down jog.

Inflammation's Kryptonite

Inflammation is the arch-nemesis of any athlete. Any sort of sports training or competition, and especially high impact activities or repetitive motion, will subject the athlete’s mind and body to at least some kind of stress. Muscle strains, microtears joint stress, or any sort of impact will trigger the body’s anti-inflammatory response to help heal and repair the damage. That’s when Reishi steps in. It's like having an ice bath at a cellular level, helping you bounce back quicker, stronger, and ready to get back in the game.


Reishi is like a warm blanket for your nervous system.
—Jake “The Snake” Plummer


When to take Reishi functional mushrooms

Times when athletes can consider using Reishi to help with recovery:

  • Daily, in the evening: Use Reishi as a part of a daily evening routine. Consistency is key. Taking Reishi every day can help athletes de-stress from the day and better build resiliency.
  • Post-workout: Reishi's anti-inflammatory properties make it great for using right after training. It can help reduce muscle inflammation and soreness, and accelerate the recovery process.
  • Before sleep: Since Reishi can support better sleep quality, taking it before bedtime can be beneficial. Good sleep is crucial for recovery, because that's when the body does most of its healing and muscle repair.

How much should I take?

Here are rough intake guidelines for functional mushrooms: Each athlete has different needs, of course. And, there is no official regulatory agency that has determined any sort of recommended daily dosage. Based on our own experience, however, reading all the research and consulting with the professional trainers, nutritionists, and athletes that we know, we have a solid point of view on it. Please use it as an input, and also work with a professional, if you can, to figure out what works best for you.

A meaningful amount

An estimated ~300 mg – 1,000 mg per functional mushroom per day.

How much is enough functional mushrooms? For us, depending on the source of the mushrooms and quality of the extraction and production methods used, a meaningful amount of functional mushrooms is at least 300 mg of one functional mushroom on any given day.

Enough per day

At least 2,000 mg total intake of functional mushrooms daily.

We suggest getting at least 2,000 mg of functional mushrooms daily — in whatever combination of types and formats of mushrooms that makes sense to you. You know your sport, abilities, routines, and goals better than anyone else.

For example, this could mean taking 1,000 mg of two different mushroom tinctures as a part of your daily routine. Or it could mean eating a single bar containing 500 mg of five different mushrooms.

In a regular routine

For best results, use functional mushrooms consistently over time.

While many people feel effects from functional mushrooms right away, the most significant and lasting benefits come with consistent use over time. Regular intake allows the body to accumulate and use the active compounds more effectively, leading to sustained improvements in performance and recovery. Consistent use also helps in reducing inflammation and maintaining the body’s balance.

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