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Functional Mushrooms and the Mind-Body Connection

Functional Mushrooms and the Mind-Body Connection

The impact of functional mushrooms on athletic performance

Rashad Evans appeared on a recent episode of the Brian Keane Fitness Podcast and delved into the transformative effects of functional mushrooms on his life and career. Rashad talks about how he became interested in functional mushrooms and clearing up all the misconceptions about them. He discusses the vital role of the mind-body connection in athletic performance and personal growth, and how functional mushrooms have helped him improve that connection.

Evans shares how these natural substances have helped him manage mental health, improve his physical well-being, and enhance his overall quality of life. His insights offer a unique perspective on the integration of natural supplements into athletic and personal development.

"Once people realize that [mushrooms] are really just another piece of the food kingdom that we’ve just neglected over time and have grown out of connection with, they’ll start to take control of their health in a different kind of way." —Rashad Evans


Lessons in using psilocybin

Importantly, all psilocybin microdosing companies in the United States are illegal. Full stop. Rashad talks to Brian about what he's learned about using psilocybin. 


For the full podcast, you can listen here.

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