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Introducing Umbo Myco Rise and Myco Rest Travel Packs

Introducing Umbo Myco Rise and Myco Rest Travel Packs

When we started Umbo there were a few musts for us. We obviously wanted to educate and introduce mushrooms to as many people as we could. We wanted to do our best to use the most logical and sustainable packaging. And we wanted our products to work. We found that in order for our capsules to be efficacious, we had to buy the highest quality ingredients. It could have been so easy to put filler, just mycelium, and other cheap things together and sell it. But Jake, Rashad, and I want people to be amazed by mushrooms! 

We know things have to work, especially if it was going to be at a higher price point for the quality. But we also know mushrooms are new to a lot of people. So it can be hard to roll the dice on a new product you don't know much about.

Umbo Myco Rest Travel PackUmbo Myco Rise Travel Pack

We are so thrilled to announce our new travel packs! We've taken the high quality Myco Rise and Myco Rest capsules and put them in a smaller pouch to not only try them but to take them on the go! We've found a lot of people saying they only need one capsule to feel clean energy without jitters from our Myco Rise. Or just one Myco Rest to have a solid night's sleep. And for those hard workouts or afternoon slumps take two Myco Rise. If you know you need to get quality sleep so you can focus for the big day tomorrow, try 2 melatonin-free Myco Rest. 

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These Travel size packs are absolutely perfect to fit in your gym bag or a carry-on. They are also a great gift to introduce someone to the power of functional mushrooms!

We hope you will give these a try and combine the power of functional mushrooms with your determination. We believe you have to be mentally focused before you can get the most out of your physical body. And Myco Rise and Myco Rest can help you get the most out of yourself. After all, we're talking about an entire food group in the mushroom kingdom, that we've been missing. It's time to start including these powerhouses so you can unearth your potential.

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