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"What should I add to my daily functional mushroom cocktail?"

"What should I add to my daily functional mushroom cocktail?"

Umbo co-founder Jake Plummer made his second appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show this past Friday. Seems like they always want to talk to him right around 4/20, for some reason. Jake wore his mushroom hat for the occasion. 

They definitely talked about mushrooms, and about cannabis too, a little — but managed to make (most of) the conversation about the benefits that athletes can find in these fungi and plants. There is decidedly a shift happening right now among all athletes, but especially those who play at a professional or elite level, towards the holistic wellness and mental health benefits that nature can offer.

If you ask us, Jake's insights reflect an even broader narrative of personal growth and finding fulfillment beyond professional sports.

It was a great and wide-ranging discussion about the power of functional mushrooms. We're grateful to Dan for giving Jake a platform to share more about these health-enhancing functional mushrooms.

One of our favorite questions from one of the interviewers:

Jake I'm a functional mushroom user. I take Lion's Mane, I take Turkey Tail. Is there something else I should be adding to my functional mushroom cocktail daily? —Tony Calatayud (@10daytony) from the Dan Le Batard Show

Watch the whole interview here (Jake's answer to that question comes at 10:59 btw): 

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