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Jake shows us his "second act" on Good Morning Football

Jake shows us his "second act" on Good Morning Football

Did you catch Jake Plummer on the NFL Network's Good Morning Football

They talked about what they call his "second act." After a career in the NFL as a Pro Bowl quarterback, Jake went looking for his next thing. He tried coaching, he did some television appearances and commentating. But something really clicked when he started working in health and wellness. He worked with Charlotte's Web, educating people on the difference between hemp and marijuana, and how to use it to heal. 

Then along came mushrooms. An entire kingdom of fungi with so much untapped potential. 

Jake Plummer realizes functional mushrooms are for athletes

Psychedelic mushrooms (psilocybin) are increasingly being talked about, but are illegal. Functional mushrooms, on the other hand, are totally legal — and have so much potential. Jake realized that athletes in particular could benefit from functional mushrooms to help with athletic performance and athletic recovery. 

Jake talks about how this realization led to him start Umbo, along with Rashad Evans and Del Jolly. Umbo is a company that makes products, featuring functional mushrooms, to help athletes with performance and recovery. 

He also talks about being able to help his fellow NFL alums. 

He shows a little behind-the-scenes look at his mushroom grow, at a farm he started to help supply Umbo with the most potent functional mushrooms. The secret? He shows the mushrooms a little love by playing a mouth harp for them. 

He also showed the hosts a few tips and tricks for the handball court. 

Check it out! 


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