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New Myco Rise and Myco Rest Packaging is here

New Myco Rise and Myco Rest Packaging is here

They say the only constant is change. They aren’t wrong! Umbo is changing in big ways. We’ve worked hard to bring high-level, quality products to our customers. And in the coming weeks, we are going to reveal NEW products and New packaging. 

Mushrooms are complicated. We already knew that and worked hard on our tinctures to help educate the public. Lion's mane is known for supporting brain health and mental clarity. So, we put a digital, connected brain on our box. Cordyceps for the lungs, turkey tail for the gut, and reishi for the whole body. And while we know mushrooms are more dynamic than that, we want to make sure people feel confident in trying them.  

And so the first products we’ll be revealing in this new packaging and products are our best sellers. Myco Rise and Myco Rest have been our most popular. So we knew we couldn’t change a formula. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But our cans were challenging to read, and the whole reason we went with aluminum as opposed to cheap plastic was for the environment. Our packaging partner suggested pouches! They said they are rapidly gaining popularity because of their environmental sustainability. And while they aren’t perfect, (nothing is), they are a reduction in raw materials and ultimately what ends up in the landfill. 

Our new design is beautiful and easy to follow. Orange sunrise for the performance of Myco Rise and purple evening for recovery of the Myco Rest. We want people to include mushrooms in all parts of their day to see the benefits. And the orange and purple, performance/recovery will come into play as we unleash new products and new packing of other products here soon. 

So stick around to find out what’s next and sign up for our subscription where you’ll save 15% and get free shipping. After all, another thing that will never change is consistency over time equals results!

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