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Pardon My Take visits Jake Plummer's mushroom farm

Pardon My Take visits Jake Plummer's mushroom farm

Visiting Jake Plummer's mushroom farm

Big Cat and the guys from Pardon My Take came to Jake Plummer's mushroom farm to interview him about Umbo, how athletes should use functional mushrooms, and his life and interests since leaving the NFL.

Watch the whole interview here. They discussed a load of things, but here are a few big topics they hit: 


Jake's transition to mushrooms

Jake is big into nature's ability to help humans be healthy. His path started with CBD and a company called Charlotte's Web. He discusses founding Umbo and how it led to needing to start a mushroom farm to help supply Umbo with high-quality, potent mushrooms. He hit on the benefits of some functional mushrooms like Reishi, Lion's Mane, and Turkey Tail, and how they helped him personally to improve his overall health. 


Reminiscing on his NFL career and retirement

Jake reminisced about his NFL career, focusing on his decision to retire early, and being able to go out of the game while still relatively healthy and on his own terms. He shared insights into the final phase of his career with the Denver Broncos, talking about his mindset during this period, highlighting his readiness to retire and explore life beyond football. 


Authentic life choices

Throughout the interview, Plummer shared personal anecdotes and experiences, and especially hit on the importance of following one's heart and making authentic life choices. He reflects on interactions with teammates, life decisions, and embracing new paths post-retirement provided a glimpse into his character and life philosophy.

Now, taking that into my real life where, okay, what do we want to do here at Umbo? Do we want to make millions of dollars selling mushrooms? No, not one bit. Do we want to bring this to people's attention and let them know there might be a better way to approach your health and wellness? Yes. Something big, something good is going to be around the corner. Goodness. All goodness.

—Jake "The Snake" Plummer

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