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The business venture that put Jake Plummer at peace

The business venture that put Jake Plummer at peace

Jake Plummer sat down with the inimitable Phoenix sports reporter Craig Morgan from PHNX Sports for an in-depth interview about the 1996 ASU Rose Bowl football team, leading the Arizona Cardinals to their first playoff berth in the Valley, his strong bond with Pat Tillman, and the business venture that has put him at peace with the world. (That business venture? You may have already guessed — it's Umbo and our functional mushroom products lol.)

Watch the whole interview at this link — or embedded below. In the meantime, here are a few of the great quotes from the interview:  

It's a roller coaster ride, post career. It's hard to replace what we were doing for such long period in our lives. They don't really teach you or coach you to prepare for that, post-career when the football cleats are hung up... So there are a lot of adjustments you have to go through — your body, your mind, and your spirit have to go through quite a bit of change. 

Whether you're in the NFL or NBA or whatever. When you win, it's by a millisecond or a millimeter. If there's something out there that you're not using that's natural and has been around for a long, long time — a lot longer than us — that can help benefit you and your performance and your recovery, then use it. 

When I was a radio analyst for PAC-12 football, I wasn't saying anything that was changing someone's life. 

This [functional mushrooms] is nature at its finest. I'm honored to be one of many who is bringing it to light, help spread it to people how are looking to live a healthier life. 

We did this because it helps me function. It helped me get rid of inflammation. It helped me in different areas of my body where I was holding pain that I don't have any more.


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