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10 Mini Resolutions To Kick Off 2023

10 Mini Resolutions To Kick Off 2023

Do you set new years resolutions? Have you succeeded? Failed? Honestly, we haven't in a while. But if you can make small changes for 90 days, you can start creating habits. Like mushrooms, consistency over time equals results. And sometimes we bite off more than we can chew.

Jake, Rashad, and I put together a list of 10 wildly easy "mini resolutions" that can be done in less than 30 minutes, every single day, and we promise you'll see changes.

1. Make the first thing you think of right when you wake up a moment of gratitude. I am grateful for...

2. Drink a glass of water right when you get up. 1st thing!

3. Do one Yoga Sun Salutation. Stretching can be a great way to get your body going and remain mobile.

4. Greet the sun! Get 10 minutes of natural light (sunlight) in your eyes within the first hour of waking. This will help your circadian rhythm and support sleep.

5. Learn a new language! Join me on Duolingo and do one lesson a day. Deljolly is my handle and my image is me looking through Antler Reishi.

6. Box breathe at one point. Box breathing is the simple technique of inhaling for 4 seconds, holding it for 4, exhaling for 4, and then holding the out breath for 4. This simple technique provides a great reset.

7. Make it a point to give a simple compliment. Noticing a co-worker's hard work, a friend's ability to listen or any nice thing we can say to another human goes a long way.

8. Take 5 minutes to journal. Here's a solid prompt list. 

9. Take your shoes off when you get home. Not only does it tell your body you can relax and unwind, but you also track in fewer germs and debris in the home.

10. You knew we couldn't go through this without mentioning the power of mushrooms. Chances are you aren't getting enough. And while the goal should always be to eat real mushrooms, supplementing with Umbo can create big change. Think how big a change you'd see if you never ate vegetables but then started to bring them back into your diet. Everyone needs to eat more mushrooms and supplementing with Umbo can help with that change.

There you have it. 10 habits you can do every single day that takes little time but yield huge results. And by maintaining these habits, they can support accomplishing even bigger goals. One baby step at a time.

Umbo has made it easy to stick to a resolution of getting more mushrooms in your diet. Our subscription program is the best deal we offer with 15% off and free shipping.

We hope you’ll commit to yourself the power of functional mushrooms.

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