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Alien Encounters: The Halloween Episode — Suga Snake Takes

Alien Encounters: The Halloween Episode — Suga Snake Takes

Jake Plummer and Rashad Evans kick off this special Halloween edition of Suga Snake Takes by swapping fascinating UFO tales.

Rashad vividly recounts an eerie experience driving through New Mexico with Georges St-Pierre. They witnessed a bizarre floating object hovering motionless over the highway, stopping traffic as people gawked in disbelief. He describes the inexplicable movements and strange lights of the craft, emphasizing how it defied gravity in ways he's never seen from any earthly aircraft.

Jake matches Rashad's close encounter with his own supernatural sighting of metallic objects lingering still in the Colorado sky. The former football star and the ex-UFC champ trade their creepy stories, thrilled to share their fascination with the unexplained. Jake and Rashad have a lively discussion about whether such incidents could signify intelligent extraterrestrial life visiting our planet or if they're evidence of top-secret military technology. Their openness to the paranormal possibilities make this a fun Halloween listen.

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