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Anti-inflammatory mushroom recommendations for PFT Commenter

Anti-inflammatory mushroom recommendations for PFT Commenter

When Jake Plummer appeared on the Macrodosing podcast the other day, in honor of Bicycle Day, one of the hosts, PFT Commenter, asked for a recommendation of which functional mushrooms he should add to his regimen, specifically for their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Is there anything that has anti-inflammatory properties that I can look into? —PFT Commenter

 It shouldn't surprise anyone here what Jake's response was. 

Also, we just glad he asked. He's a smart guy. Too often, functional mushrooms are left off the lists of anti-inflammatory foods altogether. Which is ridiculous, since they're some of the most potent anti-inflammatories on the planet. Here's more about the anti-inflammatory properties of functional mushrooms.



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