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Celebrating Bicycle Day with the Macrodosing podcast

Celebrating Bicycle Day with the Macrodosing podcast

The guys on the Macrodosing podcast asked Jake Plummer to join them on the Bicycle Day episode. While most podcast hosts know Jake as "the mushroom guy" and just want to be silly and talk about getting messed up on psychedelic mushrooms, this podcast was different. Hosts PFT and Arian Foster asked some really good and deep questions about functional mushrooms. Especially since Arian was a professional football player himself, he and Jake were able to go deep on the serious mental and physical demands of professional sports. 

That said, they did ask him on to talk about Bicycle Day. So they definitely did talk about psychedelic mushrooms too.

Here's a run-down of some of the most interesting topics of conversation from this episode:  

What is Bicycle Day? 

For those who don't know, Bicycle Day refers to the 19th of April, 1943, when Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first intentionally ingested LSD and experienced its psychedelic effects while riding his bicycle home from the lab. It's a significant event in the history of psychedelics, because Hofmann's discovery and personal experimentation with LSD eventually led to its widespread use and research in various fields, including psychology and psychiatry. Bicycle Day is celebrated annually by psychedelic enthusiasts and researchers to commemorate Hofmann's groundbreaking experience and its impact on the study of psychedelics.

Now, Jake doesn't tend to like talking about getting messed up on shrooms or the recreational aspects of psychedelics generally. He thinks not enough people are talking about the health benefits of mushrooms — and especially of functional mushrooms. Those are the ones that are legal in the United States, after all, unlike psilocybin. 


Jake Plummer’s evolution from sports to health advocacy for CBD and mushrooms

Jake Plummer’s transition from a professional athlete to a health advocate is fascinating in itself. Post-retirement, he found a new passion that might surprise many—functional mushrooms. Unlike the usual psychedelic discussions often featured on Macrodosing, Plummer’s focus is on the legal, non-psychoactive varieties such as Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps. These mushrooms are celebrated for their potential to enhance cognitive function, manage stress, and improve overall physical health.


A fresh and mushroom-y perspective on wellness

What makes this episode stand out is Plummer’s unique perspective as a former athlete. His insights into the rigorous demands of professional sports provide a compelling backdrop for discussing how functional mushrooms can aid in recovery and performance. Plummer talks candidly about the toll that a high-stress career in the NFL can take on the body and mind, and how incorporating mushrooms into his wellness routine has been transformative.


Breaking the Stigma

A significant part of the discussion revolves around erasing the stigma associated with mushrooms. While Macrodosing often dives into the world of psychedelics, Plummer’s focus on functional mushrooms helps broaden the conversation to include these powerful natural supplements that anyone can benefit from, without the legal and psychological concerns associated with their psychedelic cousins.


Health benefits for athletes and beyond

For athletes, functional mushrooms offer a range of benefits. Lion’s Mane is known for its cognitive enhancement properties, which can be crucial for mental clarity and focus. Reishi helps in stress management, supporting a calm and balanced state of mind, while Cordyceps are famed for boosting energy and physical performance. Plummer’s advocacy highlights how these mushrooms can be integrated into the daily routines of not just athletes, but anyone looking to improve their health naturally.


A call to curiosity

Jake Plummer’s appearance on the Macrodosing podcast is more than just an interview; it’s an invitation to explore the vast potential of functional mushrooms. His journey from NFL star to wellness advocate underscores the versatility and efficacy of these natural supplements. For listeners, this episode is an eye-opener, challenging preconceived notions and encouraging a deeper exploration into the benefits of mushrooms.

Jake Plummer’s insights offer a refreshing and informative take on the intersection of functional mushrooms and health and wellness. 

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