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Functional mushrooms are a game changer for Jake Plummer

Functional mushrooms are a game changer for Jake Plummer

### Jake Plummer: From NFL Star to Functional Mushroom Advocate

On a recent episode of the *Y On Earth* podcast, host Aaron William Perry sat down with Jake Plummer, the former NFL quarterback turned functional mushroom entrepreneur. The conversation delved into Jake's journey from professional sports to advocating for holistic health through functional mushrooms. Here's a detailed look at the key points from their discussion.

Jake went from football to fungi

Jake Plummer's career began on the football fields of Boise, Idaho, where he was born and raised. He played college football at Arizona State University, leading the team to within seconds of a national championship. Drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 1997, Jake enjoyed a successful NFL career, finishing with the Denver Broncos and leading them to the AFC Championship game in 2005.

However, after retiring from football, Jake's life took a turn towards holistic health. Inspired by his mother and grandmother's natural healing practices, Jake began exploring alternative wellness paths. His journey led him to become an advocate for hemp and, eventually, functional mushrooms. Today, he co-founded Umbo, a company dedicated to promoting the health benefits of legal, non-psychedelic mushrooms.

The healing power of functional mushrooms

Jake shared his deep connection to the fungal kingdom, describing it as the "brain of the planet" due to its foundational role in life on Earth. He emphasized the significant health benefits of functional mushrooms, which have been recognized in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries but are only now gaining mainstream attention in the West.

Jake's involvement with Umbo isn't just about selling products; it's about education and advocacy. He and the team at Umbo are passionate about helping people understand how incorporating mushrooms into their daily routines can enhance their overall well-being. They focus on making high-quality mushroom products that are both effective and enjoyable to consume.

Misconceptions about functional mushrooms

Throughout the podcast, Jake highlighted the misconceptions surrounding mushrooms, particularly the association with psychedelics. While acknowledging the therapeutic potential of psychedelic mushrooms, Jake stressed the importance of non-psychedelic varieties like lion's mane, reishi, and cordyceps, which can support immune function, cognitive health, and energy levels.

One of Umbo's missions is to debunk myths and provide accurate information about these powerful fungi. Jake spoke about the rigorous processes involved in growing and extracting mushroom compounds, ensuring their products are of the highest quality. He also mentioned the broader applications of fungi in environmental sustainability, such as using mushrooms for bioremediation and sustainable packaging solutions.

The future is fungi! 

Jake's transition from NFL quarterback to mushroom advocate is a testament to his commitment to personal growth and community wellness. He envisions a future where more people embrace natural health solutions and where functional mushrooms play a key role in enhancing quality of life. Jake's leadership and passion for this cause are evident, and he continues to inspire others to explore the potential of holistic health practices.

As Jake Plummer puts it, "We have what we need right here. We just have to get it back out and educate people." His journey serves as a powerful reminder of the healing potential that lies in nature and the importance of staying curious and open to new possibilities.


Watch the whole episode below or on YouTube

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