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Charging (and Recharging) into The New Year: Umbo's Limited Edition Tinctures

Charging (and Recharging) into The New Year: Umbo's Limited Edition Tinctures

Written by Jake Plummer

A few years back, Del Jolly (Co-Founder of UMBO) and I began talking about mushrooms as a misunderstood, confusing and unknown form of health and wellness that many people in our western culture had eliminated from their diets. We both experienced profound changes in our own personal health using some mushroom tinctures during the pandemic and realized that the general population was unaware of the wonderful healing properties of Mother Fungi. 

Flashback to when I first met Del. We both worked for Charlotte's Web Hemp Oils advocating and helping educate people on the benefits hemp provided us through the cannabinoids contained in this so-called “Ditch Weed”. During this time we witnessed how to set an industry standard in quality and efficacy. This experience working with CW Hemp inspired us to create UMBO Functional Mushroom Company with the vision and mission to provide consumers with the very best functional mushrooms possible.

Fast forward to the present day. UMBO Functional Mushrooms goal is to help the consumer take the guesswork out of buying functional mushrooms. We began with the challenge to make mushrooms taste good so we created our FM bars that contain 2,500 mg of five different mushrooms. And most importantly they taste amazing. As we have evolved as a company and continued to strive for quality and excellence, we have created more products with the growing number of FM consumers in mind. 

With quality, potency and intention in mind, I had the opportunity to start my own mushroom farm where I could learn how to grow these amazing organisms while also controlling quality and intention. MyCOlove farm was born in 2021 and has since become one of the leading FM extract suppliers in the USA. Growing the FM organically with Love, extracting them to capture all of their beneficial compounds, and then being able to provide them to companies looking to add them to their products has been a very fulfilling experience. The pinnacle of this experience is the most recent launch of our Charge and Recharge tinctures. While continuing to provide the consumer with the highest quality FM possible, we had many people that wanted to have their mushrooms in one bottle instead of multiple bottles with different dosing times. So we listened and created two bottles with a potent mix of three FM’s per bottle. 

First is our Charge tincture. Formulated to help you start your day and perform at your peak, Charge contains Cordyceps, Lions Mane (both grown/extracted at MyCOlove Farm) and Chaga. Pure, clean, sustainable energy, focus and whole body wellness is our intention with this tincture and so far the reviews are positive. 

Next is our Recharge tincture. Recharge is formulated to help you recover and recharge after a full day of action so you can rest well and get ready to do it again tomorrow. Containing Turkey Tail, Tremella and Reishi (grown/extracted at MyCOlove Farms), this tincture helps balance gut health and boost your immune system, rehydrate at a cellular level and most importantly calm your central nervous system. 

We are so excited to provide you with these top tier products that are easy to use and effective. Performance and recovery are key to a healthy and active lifestyle. Adding these to your daily routine will provide you with the boost you need to level up and initiate a positive path to wellness.

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