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Questioning Society's Drinking Culture — Suga Snake Takes

Questioning Society's Drinking Culture — Suga Snake Takes

In this thought-provoking episode, Jake Plummer and Rashad Evans have an open discussion about society's normalized drinking culture and the impacts it has on people's lives. They share personal stories of their complex relationships with alcohol, from dealing with alcoholism in their families to quitting drinking completely after it became too much of a crutch.

The conversation explores the deeper reasons behind why we drink, whether socially, recreationally, or as a means of escaping our problems. They question if using alcohol to bond with others means you actually have little in common without it. The hosts also discuss alternative practices like breathwork, prayer, and connecting with a higher power to reach altered states of consciousness without substances. While they don't draw definitive lines around drinking, the hosts provide perspective on how to change our relationships with alcohol by using it more intentionally and in moderation.

This episode will resonate with anyone seeking to upgrade their lifestyle and challenge societal assumptions about responsible alcohol consumption. Tune in for an insightful dialogue about moving beyond habitual behaviors.


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