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Food For Thought

Food For Thought

Umbo keeps talking about changing minds about how we view mushrooms as a food group as opposed to a supplement. Considering the long term over the right now. People have been conditioned to want to FEEL something right now! And we certainly appreciate that, and some mushrooms can absolutely do that. Our MycoRise and MycoRest formulas are something you should be able to “Feel” the first time. I take my MycoRise after lunch so I don’t “feel” like a nap afterward.

While the results can be immediate, we really want to shift the thinking around mushrooms to be looked at as a food group we’ve been missing. An entire kingdom of vitamins and minerals our bodies have been missing because we have a little bit of mycophobia here in the West.

Just imagine if some famous herbalist from the 1800s wrote a book defining all the plants that were poisonous (many are). And that herbalists spread the news far and wide that plants are dangerous and should be avoided when it comes to the dinner plate. And after hundreds of years of misinformation, we kinda had an aversion to vegetables. Now imagine if we had an awakening where broccoli was found to have some unique compounds that actually really help your body with all sorts of ailments. They start making movies about it called Fantastic Flora, or serving broccoli street tacos, that’s a stretch but you get my point. People would feel amazing after including vegetables in their diet for a while.

One more direct case is cannabis. Our bodies have the endocannabinoid system! It’s as if we’ve evolved that system alongside cannabis. The receptors inside of us match perfectly with the molecules of cannabis. We produce endogenous (Internal) cannabinoids like anandamide (think runners high) and cannabis makes exogenous (external) cannabinoids like cannabidiol. It’s no wonder some people feel much better when ingesting cannabis, even non-psychotropic aspects like CBD.

We hope there is a shift in our society where people start adding mushrooms into their diets daily. We believe the health benefits would be massive and we’ll keep encouraging folks through our delicious and efficacious products at Umbo.

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