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500,000 Seizures STOPPED with CBD: Mom Heals Son - An Interview With Heather Jackson

500,000 Seizures STOPPED with CBD: Mom Heals Son - An Interview With Heather Jackson

Suga Snake Takes is back! Now Rashad Evans and Jake Plummer interview special guests who have taken health back in their own hands in inspiring ways.

This episode features Heather Jackson, a pivotal figure in cannabis legislation and natural healing. She shares her deeply personal journey of using CBD to successfully treat her son Zaki's severe epilepsy.


Discovering CBD as an all-natural treatment for epilepsy

Beginning with Zaki's diagnosis and almost a decade of daily seizures treated unsuccessfully with pharmaceuticals, Heather narrates how, driven by desperation and a mother's love, she turned to CBD, leading to significant improvements in Zaki's condition.


How can anything from nature be criminal?

It's really about revolutionizing health care. I have no idea how we're how we — still, in this year — criminalize nature. This is asinine. It truly is.

—Heather Jackson, founder Realm of Caring


On the impact of love, community, and advocacy

My heroes, first of all, are the parents. So let's just get that straight. I'm not impressed by initials or degrees after your name. I don't care about your accolades. I don't care about any of that stuff. I care about getting it done. I care about connection and community and getting it done. I'd be remiss to not mention Paige Figgi, who advocated for her daughter Charlotte. Charlotte's Web [a company that makes high-quality CBD products] is named after her 

—Heather Jackson, founder Realm of Caring

Heather also discusses the founding of the Realm of Caring and Unlimited Sciences, organizations dedicated to research, education, and support for cannabis and psychedelic therapies, highlighting their contributions to legislation, community support, and the potential of functional mushrooms in treating conditions like epilepsy.


The episode also touches on the importance of mental health, gratitude, and the pivotal role nature plays in Heather's life and healing philosophy.


Here's What's Covered:

00:36 Introducing Heather Jackson: A Cannabis Legislation Game Changer

02:21 Heather Jackson's Personal Story: From Desperation to Hope

02:54 The Impact of CBD on Zaki's Life

10:21 The Fight for Access and Rights: Advocacy and Legislation

18:40 Realm of Caring: Supporting Families and Advancing Research

23:20 Incredible Stories of Healing and Hope

26:57 Exploring the Parallels Between Cannabis and Psychedelics

27:34 A Personal Journey Through Health Challenges

29:09 Discovering the Transformative Power of Psilocybin

30:02 Launching Unlimited Sciences: A Mission for Psychedelic Research

31:09 The Importance of Data in Psychedelic Advocacy

35:24 Decriminalization vs. Legalization: Understanding the Difference

39:17 Innovative Studies and the Future of Functional Mushrooms

45:49 Living with Epilepsy: A Family's Journey

47:35 Getting Involved with Realm of Caring and Unlimited Sciences

49:42 Maintaining Mental Health: Insights from a Resilient Journey

51:45 Gratitude and Closing Thoughts

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