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Jake Plummer Charity Game Gone Wrong — Suga Snake Takes

Jake Plummer Charity Game Gone Wrong — Suga Snake Takes

Pro Bowl NFL quarterback Jake Plummer and former UFC champion Rashad Evans share outrageous stories and hot takes from their playing days. The former pros pull back the curtain on the extreme lengths pro athletes, and especially rookies coming up and trying to prove themselves, go to in order to make it big.

🚨Highlights Include:

  • The wild experience one MMA fighter went through to earn a luxury car in Dubai
  • Jake's furious reaction when a player tried to intentionally injure him
  • Whether spandex and vertical jumps actually help assess football skills
  • The freakish stamina of one legendary cornerback
  • Old-school MMA training methods designed to push fighters until they collapse
  • The unlikely natural remedy that helped Jake and Rashad recover after punishing their bodies

This episode offers rare insights you won't find anywhere else. Jake and Rashad pull no punches, candidly sharing their experiences with intense training, draft pressures, and pushing their bodies to the limit. Whether you're an athlete or just a fan, their stories are an eye-opening look at the dedication and sacrifice it takes to succeed at the highest level of sports.

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