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Overcoming Injuries As A Pro Athlete — Suga Snake Takes

Overcoming Injuries As A Pro Athlete — Suga Snake Takes

Get ready for an eye-opening look at the gritty realities of life as a professional athlete. In this raw, unfiltered conversation, former Pro-Bowl NFL quarterback Jake Plummer and ex-UFC champion Rashad Evans give an inside perspective on navigating injuries, recovery, and the mental pressures at the highest level of sports.

Jake and Rashad recount pushing their bodies to the absolute limit, from broken bones to torn ligaments. More than just war stories, they share hard-won wisdom on training smarter, listening to your body’s signals, and striking the right balance between tenacity and self-care.

This is a rare chance to go beyond the highlight reels and hear two former stars be transparent about the extreme physical and mental toll extracted by years competing at the top. Tune in for a fascinating fly-on-the-wall view into the lesser-known challenges faced by professional athletes.

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