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The Ultimate Fighter Reunion: Rashad vs Rampage 14 Years Later

The Ultimate Fighter Reunion: Rashad vs Rampage 14 Years Later

Join MMA legends Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans as they dive into their unforgettable experiences on The Ultimate Fighter, sharing behind-the-scenes stories, legendary fights, and their intense rivalry.

Rashad opens up about his journey with functional mushrooms, discussing the health benefits of varieties like lion's mane, reishi, and cordyceps, and their impact on his life and career post-fighting.

The conversation also dives into fight strategies, training regimes, spirituality, diet changes, and personal health anecdotes. The episode concludes with humor-filled banter and reflections on their MMA careers.

Here's What They Cover

00:00 Introduction and Guest Banter
01:22 Rashad Evans Fight Memories
02:27 Training Challenges and Injuries
06:31 Blackzilians Formation
08:08 Jon Jones and Team Dynamics
22:19 Psychedelics and Personal Growth
42:56 Facing Fears in the Ring
43:24 Life Beyond Fighting
44:14 The Passion for Entertaining
44:50 The Ultimate Fighter Experience
46:58 Training and Coaching Challenges
52:32 Psychology and Mind Games
01:21:18 Returning After a Hiatus
01:23:43 Losing Streak and Mental Challenges
01:24:27 Debating Boxing vs. MMA
01:27:42 Rematch Discussions and Fight Stories
01:44:36 Functional Mushrooms and Natural Remedies
01:58:09 Childhood and Personal Reflections
01:59:58 Go-Kart Adventures and Late-Night Gaming
02:01:08 Training and Sparring Stories
02:03:18 Boxing Legends and Matchups
02:06:53 Fighter's Integrity and Anti-Doping Issues
02:12:01 Memorable Fights and Rivalries
02:17:29 Final Thoughts and Gratitude
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