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The Journey of Fatherhood — Suga Snake Takes

The Journey of Fatherhood — Suga Snake Takes

Learn from pro athletes who candidly tackle the joys and challenges of modern fatherhood. In this eye-opening episode, Rashad Evans and Jake Plummer trade stories and hard-won wisdom on being the best dads they can be.

Hear how Rashad and Jake have evolved through different phases of fatherhood. They share advice on learning from mistakes, being present versus career demands, and realizing kids are not "yours" but their own people.

You'll get specific parenting tips, hilarious dad stories, and insights on the triumphs and struggles of raising great human beings. An inspiring listen for dads wanting to improve and anyone seeking an unfiltered look at the rollercoaster ride of fatherhood. Tune in for the candid truth from two pro athletes turned proud fathers.


[00:00:00] Rashad Evans: You know, there's that, that feeling of wanting to hold them because they're yours, they're yours, they're yours, but then there's this realization that They're not mine.

[00:00:28] Del Jolly: All right, everybody. Welcome back to Sugar Snakes takes. We are here again today to talk about today. We're going to talk about fatherhood with, uh, Jake and Rashad and Mike. I, all of us, all of us here, except for Mike right now are. Our fathers, and that's cool to get, get different perspectives from, uh, those of us who have not stepped into it.

[00:00:52] Del Jolly: But fatherhood, something that we all hold near and dear. I know that this is, um, super important to sugar and snake to kind of step into something that's, uh, quite honestly, the foundation for a better future of our lives. I think it kind of starts with, with father. So, Considering fathering fatherhood, what it means to you guys and, uh, you know, the importance of fatherhood.

[00:01:20] Del Jolly: I don't know if there's a special story that you want to tell about being a dad or something that could resonate with our audience advice to future fathers. I will quickly chime in and say something I say quite frequently to everybody. Who's going to be a parent, moms and dads start a Gmail account for your kids today.

[00:01:39] Del Jolly: Even if they're not. In existence and you plan on having kids or even maybe it's a niece or nephew or whatnot, but a younger person and maybe right about your life. I've started one for my daughter years and years ago, and I, in the subject line, I put the date and I tell her what I'm up to it's, you know, Hey, I'm, I'm working on umbo with sugar, Rashad Evans and Jake, the snake plumber.

[00:02:01] Del Jolly: And we're, we're, we're trying to bring functional mushrooms to people, or, Um, The advocacy work I've done with decriminalization and I write her that letter and chime in about what I'm up to as frequently as I can. And then when she turns 18 or graduates, I'll give her the gmail account and the password to kind of reflect on that.

[00:02:19] Del Jolly: So that's a, that's a bit of advice, but sugar snake, any, any stories or advice or things that are just important to the aspect of fatherhood. That's what we want to chat about today.

[00:02:33] Rashad Evans: Um, you know, uh, I'll start, you know, for me, fatherhood is, uh, is, is the most important and one of the biggest driving forces of me doing anything.

[00:02:46] Rashad Evans: You know, um, it's funny because like, I feel as if like I've had. I've had these children at so many different phases of my life and each of these different phases I was a different parent in each one of those phases, you know, I had my first kid when I was 19 years old and you know that was a different father than the father that I was when I had my next kid at At 25 years old so each and every single time that I became a father It was it was it was a different part of me And, you know, what I've learned is the fact that I,

[00:03:26] Jake Plummer: I don't, I,

[00:03:27] Rashad Evans: I, there's, I can't be a perfect father, right?

[00:03:31] Rashad Evans: And along, along the way, I've been learning to be the best father that I can be. And the best father that I can be has always been one that's always learning, not afraid to learn. Learning from their children, learning, learning how to be the kind of father that they need. And truly understanding that being a parent is not so much about.

[00:03:54] Rashad Evans: Me having this child that's mine, but rather than raising this child so they can be something strong for society, something strong for themselves, you know, and that was something for me that was a hard kind of reality that I had to face kind of when my, when my, my, my first one started to come of age many times, you know, there's that, That feeling of wanting to hold them because they're yours, they're yours, yours, yours, but then there's this realization that they're not mine, you know, they're, they're their own being, they're their own individual.

[00:04:31] Rashad Evans: And I'm here to try to help them make sense of the world. I'm here to try to help them to become strong and independent people. And when my focus switched more toward that, it changed the kind of father that I was because. then it wasn't about me. It was about what was best for the kids and and doing what was best for the kids, you know, some of the time that it wasn't, you know, as gratifying for me having experienced because sometimes I couldn't be there, but I was there doing what was best for the kids.

[00:05:05] Rashad Evans: So I would say to new parents and and, uh, you know, parents who may give themselves a hard time on just being a parent alone is that It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do is raising somebody else to be that great person in society or just be an accountable person for in society that can take care of himself.

[00:05:24] Rashad Evans: And you're going to make mistakes and that's okay. But being able to come back from your mistakes, being able to make, uh, to make things right in your mistakes and being able to come to a position of doing the best that you can do. I feel like that outshines everything because I think the intent is the most important thing.

[00:05:42] Rashad Evans: But, um, being a parent has been the best, the best job that I've ever had. And at the same time, one of the most humbling because every single day I'm learning.

[00:05:55] Jake Plummer: Yeah, no doubt.

[00:05:56] Del Jolly: That's, that's absolutely beautiful. And it reminds me of the Khalil Gibran, uh, poem of your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.

[00:06:08] Del Jolly: That's so beautiful. And just kind of knowing that, you know, these, these children aren't many use, they're their own people and it's your role to shape them and help them, uh, become themselves. So I think you kind of touched on that, which is beautiful. So snake, what do you think, man, tell us a little bit about fatherhood for you and what it means to you.

[00:06:32] Jake Plummer: Yeah. I mean, well said Rashad, uh, you know, as you say, you know, going and being the best you can be not trying to be perfect. Uh, you know, we find ourselves, we all had fathers to whether they were present in your life or not. Um, how they represented themselves has an effect on you. So, uh, as I've grown into being a father, I waited until I was done playing ball.

[00:06:54] Jake Plummer: I didn't have the capacity to play ball and have Children. I just knew that they would, they would have, uh, it would have been hard for me to go. Yeah. You know, go to practice with a new baby, uh, you know, a day or two, two day old baby. I see these, you know, guys, I have teammates who would come back from their wife, given birth and training camp and they drive down, have the birth and be right back the next day.

[00:07:18] Jake Plummer: And it's showing me dedication and all this stuff. And I know that's part of a team, but it's also like. Yo, this is like a life you just brought into the world. And I was really wanting to be present. So as present as I could be, and it's a sensitive subject for me because I went through some periods in my life there when I, when we had, uh, you know, when I was having kids, I had three.

[00:07:39] Jake Plummer: Um, I waited until about 30, I guess I was 35 when we had our first and, you know, pretty established in my ways and, and able to know what I liked, what I didn't like. And having a child was, um, wasn't as hard, you know, to shift those things, to be able to give my time to the kid. But there were some times I went through a lot of pain with post career pain and some depression and just times where I wasn't doing what's best for me.

[00:08:10] Jake Plummer: knowing that whatever I was doing for me, loving myself, taking care of myself, striving to be better, was going to be a direct, directly reflect onto the, the kids until, you know, I finally realized that. And I finally realized that here just over the last probably three, four years. And it's like, I can't control these things that we've created.

[00:08:30] Jake Plummer: They're their own little humans. They're their own little beings, but What I can show them is how to represent yourself well in the world. What I can show them is how to treat people right, how to treat myself with love, how to go about, uh, diving into what we're doing to educate people on something that's not very common.

[00:08:50] Jake Plummer: That's very abnormal. That's very unlikely to be talked about church or at the school or whatever. We're stepping into something that, uh. It is, it's not very common for fathers to step into stuff like this. So for me, it's, it's really, I've focused back on myself being the best that I can be, and I'm still working at that.

[00:09:11] Jake Plummer: I'm still trying to do the things that I want to do, balancing, spending the time with my kids that I know is valuable quality time. And, uh, you know, the one thing that I've learned is like, the best you could do is to leave everything. behind when you get time with your kids. When you have a chance to be with them, don't be on your phone.

[00:09:31] Jake Plummer: Don't be worried about the email you didn't send or the work you got to do tomorrow. Like, drop in completely with them and really relish in that beautiful child that you have, even when they're older. I mean, I got a teenager now and 13, but he's still just this little kid, you know, and I'm still just this little kid.

[00:09:51] Jake Plummer: So find times that you can drop into just being a little kid again with your kids. And, uh, that really is something I'm working on right now. I'm thinking a lot about him as I'm Out of the country and not around him trying to like, when I get back to see him, you know how I'm going to drop in with them is going to be really important to just find out how they've been dropped in and hold them.

[00:10:13] Jake Plummer: And you know, the one thing I know for sure, if you love them, they know that if you tell them you love them, they know that they feel that. So no matter what you do, no matter how bad you are represented as a parent, maybe we don't. You're not perfect. It's okay. Your kids will forgive you and they'll love you forever so long as you love them back.

[00:10:32] Jake Plummer: And so love really is the answer. As a father that I've really tried to embody, even though I haven't been perfect at times, I still just try to love them up as much as I can and show them that I care. Absolutely.

[00:10:45] Del Jolly: That being present with them. I read something the other day. I kind of rocked my world. But, uh, the, the quote was the only people are going to remember all your late nights at work and your emails at 10 p.

[00:10:58] Del Jolly: m. are your kids, right? No one else is going to give a shit about all that.

[00:11:06] Del Jolly: And a real quick story, Jake, the very first time you and I ever met, we didn't officially meet, but the first time I remember like, Oh, that's Jake Plummer and living in color. My wife was giving birth to our third child, Mavis, upstairs and I went downstairs to get a drink of water and I walked through the lobby and there's Jake with his wife.

[00:11:27] Del Jolly: And the boys were there too. And I'm like, is that Jake Plummer? I'm like, that's Jake Plummer. That's cool. You know, and you, and you kind of gave me a nod, like, Oh, yo, you know, like, kind of like in it together, you know, and I walked up to him and was like, Hey Jackie, you'll never, you'll never know who I saw down in the lobby.

[00:11:42] Del Jolly: Jake Plummer. Yeah. And she was like, all right, well, you better tell him it's game time. You know, that she had Mavis 29 minutes. So she was, oh my goodness. Jokes about shit when she was given birth. So, uh, but that was the first time that you and I'd ever, we'd ever locked eyes, I'd say.

[00:12:02] Jake Plummer: Great memory, man.

[00:12:03] Jake Plummer: That's wild. Kind of cool

[00:12:04] Del Jolly: stuff, but right on. Yeah. Thank you for that, the knowledge from two amazing dads.

[00:12:11] Jake Plummer: And if I can connect, I'm going to share just one quick story about my oldest. When I was at Champ Bailey's retirement party, uh, or retirement at the Broncos facility. Um, I'm standing in the equipment room talking to the equipment guys afterwards and Roland was only about four and he's walking around me and, you know, little kids, you know, let's just be real little kids like farts.

[00:12:32] Jake Plummer: Farts are funny, you know, little kids like to fart. He always liked to come up and fart on me. And so I'm sitting there talking to the equipment guys and everyone's hanging out and it's like, there's a few players there, buddy, and he's walking around with any stops and I feel his little butt go on my leg and there's this little, you know, and I look down at him and he just smiles at me.

[00:12:50] Jake Plummer: And it's like. That's what kids are about, right? That's, that's embodying what being a kid is about. So, you know, he didn't give a shit that champ retired. And, uh, you know, we were in the equipment room. He just was busting one on dad. That's

[00:13:07] Del Jolly: awesome. Little kids. Wonderment old dog. He's, he's not going to like that story in the future.

[00:13:17] Jake Plummer: It's all right. Love it.

[00:13:22] Mike Slavin: All right, guys. Well, it's that time again. Uh, we're going to do a little sugar snake showdown. I've got three questions for you. Last week, the questions were sugary in nature and this week.

[00:13:35] Mike Slavin: It's only natural to make these questions a little bit more snaky. Ooh. So. Snaky. Let's get into it. The first question will be for Dell this time.

[00:13:51] Del Jolly: Ooh, I hope it's a bunch of pictures of snakes. What kind of snake is this? Cause I love that.

[00:13:56] Jake Plummer: Yeah,

[00:13:57] Mike Slavin: that would be, that'd be too easy for you. Okay. But, uh, the 2018 NFL draft saw Jake Plummer announce a Broncos draft pick.

[00:14:06] Mike Slavin: At the reopening, iconic Mexican restaurant Casa Bonita here in Colorado. Which round was it? Was it A first, B second, C third, or D fourth?

[00:14:22] Del Jolly: I don't know and I don't care. The only thing that people need to know about this moment right here is that Jake is going to go in the last moment of his life.

[00:14:33] Del Jolly: Reflecting on everything he did and all the opportunities he had, he did not jump off into the water. After announcing what, I don't know, the second round draft pick for the Broncos. He didn't take that opportunity and I shame him for it as often as I can. And I cannot believe that you said that this was the question because, uh, I've expressed to Jake that is going to haunt you.

[00:14:59] Del Jolly: Not diving into Casa Bonita, which is now reopened, but he announced the second round

[00:15:06] Jake Plummer: draft pick. Thank you, Dale, for bringing that up.

[00:15:10] Del Jolly: I know, I know, it's a sore subject for you, and I never got the opportunity, dammit. I never got the opportunity to do the high dive at

[00:15:18] Jake Plummer: Casa Bonita. And here goes, as a father, you know, seizing those opportunities to teach your kids that you gotta seize the opportunity when there's something in front of you, or you may never see what's over that little hill, or that fence, or off that cliff.

[00:15:34] Jake Plummer: I don't like deep water, and I don't like jumping off cliffs, so there you go, there's my reasoning. What's the answer? I don't even remember.

[00:15:42] Mike Slavin: The answer is

[00:15:46] Jake Plummer: the fourth round. Yeah, you're wrong. Dale wrong. I'm

[00:15:52] Del Jolly: wrong about this question, but I'm right about you missing that damn opportunity.

[00:15:58] Mike Slavin: Well, now that it's reopening because the South Park, uh, creators purchased it, you know, maybe, maybe Dell and Jake, you guys head over there and, and you get the opportunity to, to run that one back.

[00:16:11] Mike Slavin: What do you think?

[00:16:12] Jake Plummer: Yeah, we may be able to, 'cause I think, I think I was on South Park as a character at one point. I don't know. I have to fact look back on that. But I, I recall someone saying, yeah, I saw you on South Park, but I, I mean, I may have just heard that in a, in a dream too. Who knows? We have to dig that

[00:16:28] Del Jolly: up and we, we've got to go back to, I need Jake to jump

[00:16:32] Mike Slavin: off that.

[00:16:34] Mike Slavin: We'll check the archives and let's have a little flashback of that,

[00:16:37] Jake Plummer: uh, of that moment. I'm Jake Plummer, former Broncos quarterback. I'm here today with Abdul, Matt, and Connor. With the 106th pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos select Josie Jewell, linebacker, Iowa. Being up on that cliff gives you an appreciation for what those guys diving, doing flips and everything.

[00:17:02] Jake Plummer: Uh, they're pretty brave for, for me. Uh, I'm all right being on solid ground. So, but it was a great event. It was a lot of fun.

[00:17:09] Del Jolly: Casa Bonita. We're gonna have to run that back. We're gonna have to run that back.

[00:17:15] Mike Slavin: All right. They asked you to jump Jake, were they trying to, were they trying to get you to, to dive in and get that, that footage?

[00:17:21] Jake Plummer: Can we, can we move to the next question?

[00:17:26] Del Jolly: Alright, moving

[00:17:27] Mike Slavin: on, moving

[00:17:28] Jake Plummer: on. This next question is for you

[00:17:30] Mike Slavin: Jake. We're talking about a different snake here. The Resurrection of Jake the Snake was a 2015 film that chronicles a different snake, the pro wrestler Jake Roberts struggle with addiction. Which fellow wrestler aids him on his road to recovery?

[00:17:45] Mike Slavin: Was it A, Hulk Hogan, B, Steve Austin, C, Diamond Dallas Page, or D, Jesse

[00:17:54] Jake Plummer: Ventura? I'm going to go with D, Jesse Ventura, because a lot of people think Jake the Snake Roberts is where I got my nickname, but that's only what Wikipedia has wrong. Um, it was Kenny Stabler, but I did like Jake the Snake Roberts and his, uh, DDT.

[00:18:14] Jake Plummer: I think he pulled the DDT and he had a snake he could pull out of his bag when he'd get really upset. But I'm going to go with Jesse Ventura helping him on his road to recovery.

[00:18:25] Mike Slavin: That is not correct. The correct answer is C, Diamond Dallas

[00:18:30] Jake Plummer: Page. Diamond Dallas Page. Diamond Dallas

[00:18:33] Del Jolly: Page Snake with, uh, with his yoga practice.

[00:18:37] Del Jolly: Isn't that right, Mike? Diamond Dallas Page has a, uh, I don't know if it's a particular yoga practice, but he's a, he's a big yogi.

[00:18:44] Mike Slavin: So, yeah, it's yoga for just like everyday people. Um, and there's actually a famous viral video of this guy who couldn't walk, who, um, was, well, we'll thread in the clip, but he just, DDP's yoga takes him from having, needing two canes to walk around to being able to sprint.

[00:19:08] Mike Slavin: And it's just super impressive that he was able to, uh, have that kind of recovery DDP is a bit of an angel for the, for the folks in pro wrestling. Uh, cause those guys can, can suffer and struggle a lot. And he's really seems like he's been able to help some of them kind of, kind of get past the. the traumas and the struggles that they go through.

[00:19:28] Mike Slavin: So this was the movie poster worth a watch. If anyone's interested in the resurrection of Jake, the

[00:19:34] Del Jolly: snake hands down, my favorite wrestler. Cause he pulled that snake out and laid on someone when they're knocked out. That was, that was where it was at. Very cool.

[00:19:46] Mike Slavin: I don't know if he ever faced a Jimmy snooker, but that would have been a good, a good matchup between the two of them.

[00:19:52] Mike Slavin: All

[00:19:53] Jake Plummer: right, Rashad, we

[00:19:54] Mike Slavin: got the final question here for you. Jake Plummer's first collegiate pass at ASU was caught by Carlos Artis for a touchdown of how many yards? Was it A, 78 yards, B, 82 yards, C, 70 yards, or D, 65 yards?

[00:20:17] Rashad Evans: Oh man, I'm gonna have to say it was a bomb. I'm thinking it was a nice bomb. I think it was a nice, a nice 82 yard scan.

[00:20:31] Rashad Evans: I think it was a nice... 82 yard number B.

[00:20:37] Jake Plummer: I think it's B.

[00:20:40] Mike Slavin: It was not B. Hey, 78 yards.

[00:20:46] Jake Plummer: 78 yards!

[00:20:49] Rashad Evans: Hey, listen, this is two weeks in a row, okay? Plummer with the play

[00:20:53] Jake Plummer: fake. He's throwing

[00:21:04] Jake Plummer: deep for 78 yards! Underthrown, wobbler. Yeah. It wasn't pretty, but it was a touchdown.

[00:21:14] Jake Plummer: 78

[00:21:18] Jake Plummer: Yeah, man came into the first game mop up duty and rolled to my left and threw a haymaker under through it. And Carlos Artis, a. k. a. Chili Los, came back and made me look good just like all those other Florida quarterbacks.

[00:21:32] Del Jolly: Carlos, we're gonna have to send Carlos some stuff for making you look so good on that first pass.

[00:21:37] Del Jolly: That was your first pass.

[00:21:39] Jake Plummer: It's ridiculous. Very first college pass in a live game, yeah. Thank you, Carlos.

[00:21:45] Del Jolly: Awesome.

[00:21:47] Jake Plummer: You guys want to know what my last pass in the NFL was? I was rolling to my left against San Francisco and I threw a haymaker towards the middle of the field to Javon Walker. He got tripped and it got intercepted.

[00:22:01] Jake Plummer: So from college, my first throw was a touchdown. My last throw in the league was a. But an I. N. T. So wrap it up, seal it. That's my,

[00:22:12] Del Jolly: that's my favorite NFL stat. 161 touchdowns, 161 interceptions,

[00:22:20] Jake Plummer: which is dope. Came out. It's

[00:22:23] Del Jolly: like that, that movie signs where that, that guy said that he broke the home run record, but he also had the strikeout record because he always swinging for the fences.

[00:22:34] Del Jolly: And he said, it just felt wrong not to swing. Something like that. Throw an interception, do something. That's something you tell your kids, you know. Try. Fail. Do it. Now's the time.

[00:22:45] Mike Slavin: I love at the end of that movie where they're like, swing away. I haven't thought about

[00:22:49] Jake Plummer: that movie in years. But see, see at the end of the clip there, like, that's one thing I did with all of my touchdowns.

[00:22:56] Jake Plummer: There's not one that I didn't run down and celebrate with the person that either took it, handed it off to, or caught it. It was like, Every one of them, every 161 of those touchdowns, the NFL, I was going crazy celebrating because man, what a feeling it was. The interceptions, you know, it wasn't always so sweet.

[00:23:20] Del Jolly: So you're a hundred percent on running, running down the field after a touchdown or an interception.

[00:23:26] Rashad Evans: There's no better feeling than scoring a touchdown. There's no better

[00:23:29] Jake Plummer: feeling. So good. So good. Well,

[00:23:34] Mike Slavin: we're moving on to the community Q and a every week. We pose a question from our community. Uh, make sure you're following, following us at get umbo on all the social channels.

[00:23:46] Mike Slavin: And we're going to ask you for your questions. If we pick your question, then we'll send you free on boat product. So this week's question from earth, well, or life, what things are you excited about now and in the future?

[00:24:04] Jake Plummer: I'll go ahead and handle that one first here. Um, right now, what I am really excited about.

[00:24:12] Jake Plummer: Is, uh, the pursuit of, of a lot of things, a lot of, uh, interesting and fun, uh, endeavors. Like one is mushrooms. Is, is cultivating, growing, educating, eating, and sharing more mushrooms for sure, uh, whether that's through UMBO, uh, through the farm, or even at my place where I live, like mushrooms are something I am super excited about now and in the future too, um, but you know, for me in the future is just that the fact that I get to watch, uh, you know, what we talked about earlier, I get to watch.

[00:24:55] Jake Plummer: My three little creations grow up and help them through life, whether that's good or the bad, you know, that's really what the future is going to be super fun to also, as I help them to have those learning lessons and all of that, come back to help me grow as an individual, as a man, as a father. Uh, addressing anything that I have left over, but I'm super excited about what the future holds to just be a part of my kids lives, but also to, you know, go out and explore my life to show them, you know, 48 years old, never too late to learn something and dive into, you know, mushrooms.

[00:25:34] Jake Plummer: And then also. you know, getting into yoga and doing a lot of fun things. So yeah, there's so much to be excited about. It's hard to say just one thing, but, um, you know, excited about what we're doing and excited about who we're going to influence in the future. Nice. Um,

[00:25:54] Rashad Evans: what excites me, uh, I'm excited about where I am in my life, you know, figuring out my life now that I'm in this next phase of my life.

[00:26:04] Rashad Evans: Um, And for a while, it was probably one of the scariest things, you know, for me to, to, to really have a life and not have fighting in it and being a focal point was something that for the longest time, it was a weird and hard feeling to get past. But I'm excited where I am at with it. You know, I'm, I'm excited to Rashad

[00:26:33] Rashad Evans: Evans is. And other forms and other ways. And, you know, and surprise myself because the version that I am right now, you know, if I was to look back in my fight career, I would have never thought that I would be the person that I am today. So I'm excited about that. And also what makes me excited is, you know, as a cycle, not, uh, where, where the whole psychedelic game is going.

[00:26:56] Rashad Evans: You know, I feel as if like, there's been such a huge shift with people. Trying to explore their consciousness and really starting to use these psychedelic modalities. And for me, I think it's one of those things that, you know, is, is something that can help our society. And I say that because all we are truly is the consciousness, but we've gotten to the point now in society where we've, we've become so physical and it's all about the physicality and it's all about, you know, physical, you know, but really.

[00:27:33] Rashad Evans: Looking deeper in a deeper introspection of what it means to be, to be is really looking past the physical sense and more looking at the spiritual side. And I feel like there's this huge spiritual shift that's happening. And I think that's quite, uh, pretty much dovetail to where we're at with humble and the modality that we're providing with the mushrooms and, you know, the functional mushrooms and.

[00:27:59] Rashad Evans: Things like that, because it shows that people are starting to be more conscious and more aware of how they want to feel, you know, and, and as we say a number, you know, Taking control of their health, getting their health back into their own land, their own hands again. So that's what I'm excited about.

[00:28:19] Rashad Evans: And, uh, those are the things that excite me in life.

[00:28:22] Jake Plummer: That's beautiful.

[00:28:22] Del Jolly: Yeah. I'll, I'll say I'm most excited about serving our AI overlords that are going to be taking over any day now. No, I'm just kidding. Sometimes, you know, thinking about how, how, uh, unpredictable the future is. The one thing that always gives me a little bit of peace of mind is.

[00:28:42] Del Jolly: If you didn't know what you would return as, You know, a man, a woman, whatever race, you know, whatever disability or whatever, where would you want to land? You would always choose today. You would always choose today because the most advancements are made right now. You know, if you come back with an ailment, polio, you sure as shit don't want to come back and, you know, 1905, right?

[00:29:07] Del Jolly: So today is the best day there is, and it's the only day. And so that's something that you've got to think about when you get a little doom and gloom. I get a little doom and gloom, but there's a lot to be excited about. And yeah, I'm going to, I'm going to echo Rashad's sentiment around, uh, psychedelics and more, more importantly, consciousness and the, the mentality of people who are starting to own their own, um, cognitive liberties and, uh, take, take, um, responsibility for their lives.

[00:29:41] Del Jolly: That's where we're at. And that's the time that we're starting to see people take responsibility for their lives, whether it's their health or the things around them. And so while there's some bumps in the road, we're traveling, uh, in the right direction, in my opinion. So that's what I would say about The future,

[00:30:01] Jake Plummer: you know, what else, you know, what else is exciting?

[00:30:04] Jake Plummer: Um, what we're doing, what I'm both doing is in the future. We get to hear and get emails and I get a lot of responses from people that I turn on, turn on to the product or I send the product to, it's like the future is, is always so nice to know that like, we're going to turn more people on to, or enlighten them to a better way to, to face their health and wellness or their disease.

[00:30:31] Jake Plummer: or illnesses through functional mushrooms. So the future is really exciting because we don't know who's listening right now. That's going to go on there, try our bars, try our capsules, maybe the tinctures, whatever it is, and then get back to us in three weeks and say, wow, I'm sleeping better, I'm thinking clearer, I'm feeling better anxiety.

[00:30:55] Jake Plummer: Doesn't seem these stresses don't seem to be getting me down or make to having the same effect. And that's really. That's really exciting. That's really the gift we're carrying right now that we get to share, but we don't get to see that until the future when people come back to us with those results.

[00:31:11] Jake Plummer: That's one more little

[00:31:12] Mike Slavin: aspect I got to fill in there. You know, speaking of that, Jake, that just tees up this review that we got recently that I just have to share. And, uh, this, this guy said that umbo is a game changer for me. I lacked energy and never felt like doing anything around the house. Started taking umbo after hearing Jake Plummer on the Dan LaBattard show and heard his.

[00:31:34] Mike Slavin: Heard he said, functional mushrooms changed his life. I'm a recovering alcoholic of three years. I've tried to take many different things since I stopped drinking to give me energy to get back to feeling somewhat normal, and nothing worked. My wife also notices a significant difference in my mood and attitude since I have been taking UMBO.

[00:31:53] Mike Slavin: She is also happy that I clean the house now. Thank you for helping me get my life back on track. I think mushrooms are the future and I will support UMBO for life. Yeah. I love

[00:32:04] Jake Plummer: that. That's awesome. That's a beautiful, there it is. Thank you, Mike for

[00:32:08] Del Jolly: Yeah, and that, and that, that's a beautiful review. And not to be a, a shameless plug or whatnot, but it's, whether it's ambo or other brands or like you need mushrooms in your life, eating more mushrooms, whatever that might be, but I think it's beautiful to see people like, Hey, I've, I'm having issues and I'm, I'm trying something, and I tried mushrooms and it worked, or maybe it doesn't work, so maybe you try C B D.

[00:32:29] Del Jolly: You know, maybe you try keto diet, maybe you try, but man, these attempts are really beautiful and to, to get word like that from folks that they, that it is working for them, that's why we do what we do. And, uh, it's a fun journey and it's fun doing the sugar snakes takes to get a little bit more deep than your, your typical podcast and have you guys impart some really great wisdom, sugar snake.

[00:32:54] Del Jolly: Mike, thank you guys so much for, for jumping on and, uh, putting together another fun episode and we'll keep at it. Keep, uh, trying to drop some wisdom and learn and listen from you guys as well too. So thank you everybody. That's, that wraps up this episode. Sugar snakes takes love and mushrooms.

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