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The Universal Language of Sports — Suga Snake Takes

The Universal Language of Sports — Suga Snake Takes

Can sports transcend language barriers and connect people across cultures? In this fascinating episode, Pro Bowl NFL quarterback Jake Plummer and MMA hall of famer Rashad Evans share stories about how athleticism has allowed them to bond with fans worldwide. Hear how their careers gave them unique opportunities to see firsthand how the passion for sports can unite people despite differences.

Jake recalls teaching kids football in Mexico City and Rashad describes rolling in jiu jitsu gyms from Mexico to Thailand. They discuss how fans from Brazil to Buffalo have welcomed them based on the common love for competition. Even without a common spoken language, they built connections through the joy of movement. Their perspectives provide thoughtful commentary on how sports can be a universal language.

You won't want to miss the fun times when Jake and Rashad try to guess emotions based only on seeing people's eyes. See if you can read the eyes better than us! Tune in to hear these legends reflect on their careers and share their belief in sports' power to bring people together. This uplifting episode will reaffirm your faith in the potential for humanity to find common ground.

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