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This Guy Should Retire? Rashad Thinks So — Suga Snake Takes

This Guy Should Retire? Rashad Thinks So — Suga Snake Takes

In this episode of Suga Snake Takes, Jake and Rashad discuss their retirements from professional sports and share advice on when and how to retire on your own terms. They talk about knowing when your body has had enough, planning for life after sports, and filling the void when competition is no longer part of your life. Other topics include:

  • Which active UFC Fighter Rashad thinks should consider retiring
  • Jake's realization early in his NFL career that he didn't want to play for multiple contracts, just one Super Bowl ring.
  • The importance of having a post-retirement plan and passion to pursue.
  • Rashad's struggles with the politics and business side taking away his love for fighting and competition.
  • Getting back to training for pure enjoyment vs. results after retiring.
  • Dealing with the identity shift after building your whole life around your sport.
  • Advice for retiring on your own terms and adapting to the transition.
  • The bittersweet emotions most athletes go through when hanging it up.

Watch It Here:

Key Quotes:

"My intention was to play the game to get a Super Bowl ring, it was never to play through multiple contracts and signing bonuses." — Jake Plummer

"When I made my mind up, it was like, I'm done. I'm out. And I never wanted to be one of those guys that keeps retiring, then coming back, then retiring again." — Jake Plummer

"You gotta go through that pain. You can delay the pain and you can try not to deal with it, but at the end of the day, it will come back and manifest in different forms." — Rashad Evans on dealing with grief and regret

"It's a lot easier to forgive other people than it is yourself. But you gotta be able to stare it in the face and you gotta be able to forgive yourself." — Rashad Evans

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