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Reishi is the one to add to your daily regimen

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Reishi is the one to add to your daily regimen

Reishi is the one to add to your daily regimen

Umbo co-founder Jake Plummer recently joined the guys at The Dan Le Batard Show, where Tony Calatayud (@10daytony) asked, "Jake, I'm a functional mushroom user. I take Lion's Mane. I take Turkey Tail. Is there something else I should be adding to my functional mushroom cocktail daily?"

Anyone who knows Jake well knew before he even opened his mouth to respond what his answer would be. It's a no-brainer. 

Here it is, in his own words: 

"I believe really strongly in Reishi.

"You know, Ganoderma lucidum is one strain, but Reishi is, man, it's like a Swiss Army knife. It's got so many possibilities. We don't know much about it, but we know that it's good for your nervous system.

"It's a great great one to add in the evenings, to induce a state of calm — kind of like a warm blanket for your nervous system.

Reishi is like a warm blanket for your nervous system.
—Jake “The Snake” Plummer

But Reishi also helped me with my allergies, because it has a compound called ganoderic acid that is a natural antihistamine.

So we're diving into these things. We know so little here in western culture over in the eastern medicine. China and Japan, they've been studying these things for a long, long time — for centuries.

Reishi is one of my favorites. I think it's just so good for what we deal with day to day. The amount of stress we put ourselves under. Our lives are busy, busy, busy.

And Reishi has a way to just kind of help you take a big, deep breath and just relax. You don't feel high. Like, cannabis can do that too, but then you're high and maybe you don't want to feel high. So not everybody wants to get high and ripped up every night, but maybe you want to have that same cognitive effect. Reishi does a really good job of that.

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