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Music Is Medicine: An Interview with Drew McManus of Satsang

Music Is Medicine: An Interview with Drew McManus of Satsang

In this episode of Sugar Snake Takes, hosts Rashad Evans and Jake Plummer sit down with Drew McManus of the genre-bending band, Satsang. Drew shares his life-changing experiences climbing Renjo Pass in Nepal, overcoming personal hardships, and his dedication to using music as a form of healing and connection.

Drew discusses his creative process, his journey through addiction and sobriety, and the importance of mental and physical well-being. The episode dives deep into Drew's influences, significant life events, and his unique approach to music-making while maintaining independence in the industry.


Here's What We Covered:

01:16 Welcome to Suga Snake Takes

02:02 Introducing Drew McManus of Satsang

02:55 Drew's Life Transitions and Inspirations

05:42 The Nepal Trip That Changed Everything

11:24 The Birth of Satsang

13:27 The Writing Process and Musical Evolution

19:27 Living Alone and Overcoming Addiction

22:29 The Role of Psychedelics in Healing

26:50 Health, Fitness, and Striking Training

31:34 Discussing the Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul Fight

34:26 Training and Fighting Experiences

38:20 The Joy and Challenges of Performing

41:53 Impact of Music on Fans

45:17 Influences and Touring with Other Artists

49:52 Navigating the Music Industry Independently

56:12 Upcoming Tour and Final Thoughts

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