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Rashad Evans’s Mushroom Journey

Rashad Evans’s Mushroom Journey

In 2016 I was on the UFC 206 card and was supposed to fight Tim Kennedy. But instead of being part of history, I was contemplating my brain health. An irregular scan showed an image that concerned the athletic committee. They pulled me from the card. It made me nervous to think about my career and the potential health ramifications. The scan turned out to be nothing, but it inspired me to look into my health at a deep level. 

I learned of microdosing from Paul Stamets on The Joe Rogan Experience. The practice of ingesting Lion’s Mane mushrooms, niacin, and a sub-perceptual amount of psilocybin mushrooms (currently only decriminalized in 15 cities in the US). 

This began my journey into all mushrooms. I retired from the UFC in 2018 after a string of losses. This was psychologically difficult to deal with. You see, I had a dominant winning streak and was the light heavyweight champ of the world. But after a few losses, I began to question my ability. I knew my heart and mind were no longer in it.  After I retired I dove deep into my health and healing. I wanted to make sure I didn’t start to see the issues of a 20+year career of contact sports catch up when I’m 50.

I changed my training, went vegan, and strengthened my knowledge of mushrooms. Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi, and especially Cordyceps became a staple in my supplements along with algae and shilajit. I was feeling better than I had even when I was champ! It was amazing. 

The opportunity to fight for Khabib in Eagle FC44 came to me and it made sense. I needed to go out with a victory. I felt as good as ever. So I took the chance. I trained smart and took a ton of MycoRise! At 42 I entered the cage once again and got my hand raised. 

Functional mushrooms played a huge part in helping me feel my best. I felt the Cordyceps were paramount to keeping me going along with a changed diet and new outlook.


I keep a regular regimen of mushrooms as I continue to train and coach so I can perform at my best. Below are the mushrooms I take every day! I always try to include a diverse amount of mushrooms in my diet. Whether it’s gourmet or functional supplements like Umbo’s, I use all of our products regularly but the ones below don’t get skipped. 

Every morning:
Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail Tinctures in a fruit smoothie


2 capsules of Myco Rise about 30 minutes before a workout
Cordyceps tincture straight under the tongue because it tastes great

Every evening for sleep: 
1 Myco Rest capsule
Reishi and Lion's Mane tinctures 

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