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The Dairy Free Functional Bundle

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About the bundle

From sun up to sun down and everything in between. Get your full functional mushroom stack in one easy to order bundle – This includes our Myco Rise for functional energy and focus, Myco Rest for deeper sleep and sharper mornings and our Functional Mushroom Bar for 2,500mg of delicious functional mushrooms on the go.

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Dairy-Free Functional Mushroom Bar Caddy (12)

The tastiest way to get your daily dose of mushrooms: Our Dairy-Free Macadamia Cashew Functional Mushroom Bar contains 2,500mg of five functional mushrooms to keep you sharp on-the-go. Each bite is packed with the salty crunch of macadamia nuts and cashews plus the sweetness of pure honey paired with a subtle hint of coconut cream.

Dairy-Free Macadamia Cashew Bar - NET WT. 1.5 oz (42g) ; Caddy with 12 bars: 1lb 2 oz (504 g)

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Myco Rise

Optimize your morning routine with Myco Rise™, formulated to support energy, endurance, cognitive function, and mood.

60 Vegan Capsules = NET WT. 1.7 oz (47 g)

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Myco Rest

Mushrooms flourish in the dark and so can you. Our 3-in-1 serving of reishi, lion’s mane, and Suntheanine® is a fast-working, non-drowsy solution for more restful sleep and your very best days.

60 Vegan Capsules = NET WT. 1.5 oz (43 g)

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